Gino Kenny is a People Before Profit TD based out of Dublin Mid-West. We were happy to help Gino execute much of his aesthetic vision for his local office in Clondalkin. 

Coming from a working-class background, and currently representing the people of Dublin Mid-West, it is clear how much Gino values and cares about people and the local community. This is also evident from his experience working as a carer for the elderly in hospitals before entering politics. It is his community-first mindset that resulted in us working together. Gino understands the role of being a local representative, as shown by his commitment to buy from local businesses. He was also more than happy to provide us with a testimonial after the success of our collaboration.

Gino first contacted me with the desire to display striking graphics in the windows of his local campaign office. Gino wanted the visual to show something that was both important to him but also resonated with the local community. On the door, we decided to go with a sign showing Martin Luther King Jr, a man who Gino admires greatly, but also a man who symbolises community, diversity and unity. The sign brought much positive feedback from locals, and this led to Gino deciding he wanted to explore the possibility of adding another graphic. 

After consideration, Gino opted to create a silhouette of Jim Larkin, accompanied by one of his quotes. It was a decision that was brave, but ultimately rewarding for Gino. After this, he began brainstorming similar ideas for works he wanted us to create for the office interior, which included a quote from Bernadette Devlin.