The Governor of Wheatfield Prison wanted to update the staff honour boards in their offices. The most important thing was to have the new signage match up perfectly with the font size and lettering in place. They had previously used gold leaf as the material and liked the classy aesthetic it provided, so they opted for gold leaf to be used again on the updated boards. 

This meant they required a traditional signwriter who could provide the craft of gilding. The Governor began making enquiries about potential signwriters who could execute the idea they had in mind. is in close proximity to Wheatfield Prison and has done work in much of the surrounding community. We were recommended as a potential solution to the Governor. He got in touch with us and the project began from there!

It began with a visit to the office, so I could examine the existing boards and make note of the size, font and colour necessary to execute their vision. We ended up providing them with two quality hardwood boards of a modern design that incorporated all of the names in gold leaf. They noted how they were delighted with the level of design, craftsmanship and quality of materials used. They have informed us that the boards continue to attract much complimentary attention and will prove an excellent long term investment given the modest costs involved. 

After the success of our initial work with the Irish Prison Service, I informed them that we also supplied general modern signage. This conversation led to a tender to supply colour coded vinyl stickers for labelling in the storeroom & this work was also carried out to everyone’s satisfaction.

From a point of view, it was great to see both the Governor of Wheatfield Prison and the Irish Prison Services, in general, support the ancient craft of gilding and its modern-day employment as a decorative but practical durable vehicle for signage and information. We are delighted at the success of the project and that the Irish Prison Service are happy with our service. We also appreciate the willingness of the Irish Prison Service in providing us with a testimonial.